About us.

Classic Soccer Club is a highly competitive youth soccer club with teams in both the Southeast and West Valley.  Our program is high-level, fun yet challenging.  As a club, we expect growth and development from both our coaches and our players; player and coach progression is the foundation of our club.

At Classic, we expect our coaches to teach and compete at the highest level.  Though all teams may not start with the best talent, we have high expectations for our coaches, and believe they can and will take these players to the highest level achievable.  Our program is designed to take average players to a high level and advanced players to an even higher level.  We seek players who will take direction and work hard to achieve their team and personal goals.

At Classic, we believe that the development of well-rounded young people, who are first and foremost good human beings, is the basis of a successful, future-focused sports program. Good manners, respect for the game, and humility towards teammates, competitors, coaches, and referees are all hallmarks of the players in our program.

Building a student-athlete is the the most important characteristic to us when developing our young players. For those with the skill and interest to play professional soccer, we have established great relationships who will assist our players down that path. However, our network is even stronger for our players who choose to pursue an education!.